“To everything there is a story.”
We help creatives reach the world through cinematic craftsmanship. We can create just about any type of video, but our favorites are music videos, narratives, and event films.

Stories are the engine behind every film we create. The best stories have transformative power, influencing the thoughts, identity, and actions of viewers toward an intended purpose.




A letter from our founder, Terrence:

"Choosing the name 'Lamar' was the easy part. It's my middle name, haha. It's the 'Haaley' portion of our company's name that carries the most meaning.

When I was in college, my uncle and aunt had twin baby girls named Haley and Storm. Born premature, their lives got off to a rocky start. Soon after birth, Storm passed away. And while everyone expected her twin Haley’s life to be just as short, she survived.

She recovered faster and stronger than the doctors expected. She was supposed to have severe birth defects, but she doesn’t. She was supposed to suffer from vision and motor skill impairments, but she doesn’t. She’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful story who loves to laugh, sing, play, and dance. She’s my reminder that with God, all things are possible. She’s a fighter, and this company is dedicated to her.”