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the challenge

This is a super fun project story to tell, because it's OURS! We hope you enjoy the (super-condensed) version of how Lamar Haaley Creative and Lamar Haaley Wedding Films came to life.

When our founders Terrence and Jasmine decided to restructure the Lamar Haaley company, we were challenged to visually and logistically split the existing entity (Lamar Haaley Films) into two brands - one for weddings and another for commercial work.

Our mission was simple:

  1. Design a unique brand identity for each company.

  2. Provide a clear online destination for each brand's target audience.

  3. Avoid losing our minds in the process.





Step one was to define exactly what our new companies would offer (and more importantly, what they would NOT offer) and why. The wedding film brand was easy...we do wedding films.

But the commercial brand was surprisingly tough because there were sooo many directions we could go. Thankfully, after days of brainstorming, re-writing, and crumbling up sticky notes, we had our answer: we do creative media production and consulting.

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The next task was writing a slogan or brand statement for each business - another thing that we don't take lightly. We wanted a single defining statement that told each brand's story and clearly conveyed who we are, what we do (and don't do), and who we do it for.

Here's where we landed:


Lamar Haaley Wedding Films

A wedding videography studio helping brides and grooms' stories live forever.

Lamar Haaley Creative

A creative media production and consulting group helping purpose-driven brands shape the way the world thinks, feels, and behaves.


identity design

Up next were the logos, fonts, and color palates. Since it already had an elegant feel, we kept the wedding film font the same as before, but spruced up the color scheme for a more light and airy feel. We thought about keeping the same font for Lamar Haaley Creative too, but instead ran with the opportunity to make something fresh and wild.

Lamar Haaley Creative - Square Display Photo.jpg
Lamar Haaley Creative - Color Palette.jpg
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Lamar Haaley Wedding Films - Color Palette.jpg



web + social media design

Finalizing the domain and social media real estate was a bit of a nightmare. After weeks of brainstorming, testing, sketching, and bombarding Squarespace's wonderful customer support team with questions, we decided it was best to build a completely separate website and social media presence for each brand. That way wedding customers would see wedding stuff and commercial customers would see commercial stuff. Thus, and were born.

the end…
sort of

Now that each brand is living and breathing on its own, we can finally put our focus back on serving our clients well. Creative work is never really finished, so we'll continue refining and tweaking. In the meantime, we love the new look and feel, and we hope you do too!