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GodFrame | Hello Jesus

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GodFrame Entertainment

our role
Marketing Strategy + Execution
Email Marketing
Web Design
Social Media Design
Merch Design
Video Production

the challenge

Christian Hip Hop artist, GodFrame, collaborated with Lamar Haaley Creative to develop and execute an album roll-out strategy for his “Hello Jesus” release. We were challenged to create a buzz-worthy digital campaign that leveraged fan engagement and solidified the album’s concept.





We partnered with Nick Hattings photography in Atlanta to come up with a visual aesthetic to match the sonic tone of the album. These images would become the driving force behind the proceeding design concepts and overall art direction.

album artwork

Our friends over at Marken Media Co. in Texas cooked up a really cool design for the album artwork. We brainstormed quite a few concepts that didn’t really stick, but in the end we landed on this paper airplane motif, which symbolized how simple it is to get a prayer message to God - just like sending a DM to a friend or loved one.

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pre-order campaign

In order to raise funding and create a lasting buzz around the album, we decided to create a pre-order campaign driven by GodFrame’s fanbase. The idea was to make our own version of a GoFundMe or Pledge Music-esque system within GodFrame’s main website. By keeping everything in-house (instead of sending fans to a third-party platform), we had the benefit of fostering fan loyalty, boosting the artist’s brand, and allowing the artist to control a larger percentage of the proceeds.

per-order package concept, design, & fulfillment

We came up with merch and perk packages tiered to reward fans based on their contribution level. We dreamt up some pretty cool reward from an exclusive behind-the-scenes web series to a personalized phone call from the artist himself.

“Making Hello Jesus” Web Series

Every week, pre-order customers were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album through a web series we produced called “Making Hello Jesus.” We delivered the episodes in an A/B Mailchimp email campaign which showed a teaser/call-to-action to non-contributors and full episodes to pre-order customers.




web & social media design

GodFrame - Facebook Design Mockup.jpg
GodFrame - YouTube Channel Mockup.jpg
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merch design

This t-shirt designed by Marken Media Co.


We had (and are still having) a blast creating music videos and album trailers for the Hello Jesus project. Videography was what got our company started, so we really geek out whenever we get a chance to produce cinematic story-driven content like this.

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campaign results

8 months after album release

  • 23,680 combined Spotify + Apple Music streams

  • 14,793 music video / trailer views

  • Top 20 pre-order chart placement (iTunes Christian & Gospel)

  • #68 peak on iTunes Christian & Gospel charts (post-release)

pre-order campaign

  • $2,600 raised

  • 60 pre-order customers gained