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GodFrame | Forever Always (feat. Chadaé) | MUSIC VIDEO



GodFrame Entertainment

our role
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the challenge

Christian Hip Hop artist, GodFrame, came to Lamar Haaley Creative in hopes of producing a cinematic music video to promote his single “Forever Always (feat. Chadaé).” We were challenged to convey a visual story compelling enough to reach the artist’s core demographic while rekindling the social media buzz surrounding the song’s original release over a year prior.




creative treatment 

Our first task was solidifying a concept for the video. We put our noggins together and crafted a story about a young teen named Ciera who struggled with suicidal thoughts after being cyber-bullied by her peers. The idea was derived from some of the song’s lyrics, “…they don’t really know what you ‘done been through…they don’t know how many lonely nights that suicide sounded good to you.”

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Once the treatment was approved, we assembled our rockstar cast and crew and got right to work. We had to overcome a few logistical challenges (including not finding our leading actress until days before the shoot) largely because most of our team lived out of state.

But once we all came together, the production process was more beautiful than we could’ve imagined. Everyone on set had tons of fun and executed the story flawlessly. Shout out to the squad!

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To maximize the video’s reach, we partnered with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month campaign. Using email and social media marketing, we encouraged GodFrame’s audience to share the video using #choosekindness with hopes of encouraging conversations amongst friends and loved ones.

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“One in five students in the U.S. report being bullied this year - to the extent of being afraid to go to school.”




the final product

GodFrame and our team were super happy with the final video, which quickly gained attention with several online media outlets and resonated with the artists’ new and existing fan base.

campaign results

6 months after video release

  • 6,300 video views

  • 17,563 reaches

  • 2,386 engagements